Hire Conditions

The vessel must be controlled at all times by the holder of a current, valid boat license or as the listed driver for vessels that do not require a licence. All other state marine licensing rules apply. The hirer will NOT allow any other person to control the vessel unless listed on the booking form & is responsible for all occupants and their actions.

Operating the vessel is only permitted in day light hours from sunrise to sunset unless the night time conditions are met and a declaration to this effect is signed, should the said vessel be used at night without meeting these conditions and as confirmed via the GPS tracker, the hirer’s bond will not be refunded. The Centre Cab is allowed 15nm seaward. Sports Rider & Kimberley All-Rounder allowed 5nm seaward, 30km laterally along the coastline. Runabout allowed in partially smooth water only in WA (2nm) & smooth water in NSW/QLD/NT/VIC. The "Tinny" is allowed to be operated in "D class" waters only. Suitable PFD, (lifejackets) for all passengers i.e. adult, juvenile, child can be provided. (Compulsory for children under 12 years, please check applicable state/territory regulations).

The vessel is not to operate in non-smooth waters (at sea) if the swell exceeds 2 meters and if winds exceed 20 knots. The hirer must not operate the vessel in poor weather or sea/river conditions or where such conditions are imminent, if these conditions are present before the hire proceeds a transfer of reservation will be granted, however we do not grant such a transfer for rain alone. If a transfer of reservation is required and should the hirer wish to move their reservation to another day this needs to be agreed to by the existing location and a transfer fee of $30 will be applicable. Please see below our deposit, bond and cancellation policies.


Vessels are not permitted to cross coastal bars unless the master has held a licence for more than a period of 3 years and has experience in crossing the particular bar a minimum of 10 times in varying conditions and can produce evidence of that experience, or signs a declaration at the time of hiring of that experience (applicable in NSW only, check other states/territory’s for local rules), Life jackets are compulsory when crossing coastal bars.

Vessels are required to log on /off with appropriate RVCP/AVCG (coast guard or coastal patrol) volunteer marine radio base. Hirers will abide by all Maritime Authority, marine and environmental legislation, including being responsible for any fishing licenses if required.

Should the said vessel not be returned within the agreed time stipulated and the hirer is unable to be made contact with, it will be deemed the hirer to have lost/stolen the vessel and the franchisee will take steps to regain possession, including police action. An additional cost will be charged for a late return of $75 per hour if not prearranged. The hirer must pay penalty notices if issued by any Authority, occurring during the hire period. The hirer must pay for any damage or losses caused to the vessel/equipment/trailer during the hire period. The hirer is responsible for checking and ensuring that the tow vehicle meets the legal towing requirements of the vessel.

Permission must be granted by BOAB Boats and the relevant authorities for a hirer to use the vessel for commercial purposes. The hirer must check with BOAB Boats that the vessel is in the correct survey category for its intended use. This intended use must also be specified on the hire forms by the hirer.

The hirer WILL accept the consequences if he/she or any listed co-driver breach these conditions and will not be covered by insurance if found to be in breach of the conditions.

You will receive the vessel with a full tank of fuel and you must pay to re-fuel the amount you have used i.e. re-fuel it to a FULL tank: TRAILER YOURSELF: The vessel must be returned with a full tank of fuel. If not returned full, fuel will be charged at $2.50 per litre for trailer yourself hires. WALK ON / OFF: Vessels will be refuelled by the Boab operator upon return, fuel is charged as per the pump price on the day. NO E10 FUEL ALLOWED - The hirer will pay all costs associated with removing any E10 from the vessel. 

The Hirer acknowledges and accepts that the use and operation of this vessel, including for the purposes of water skiing, swimming, towing a tube, and other such like activities, is subject to inherent risks and dangers. The Hirer accepts those risks and agrees to indemnify the Owner of the Vessel for any losses suffered by the Hirer, any passengers or any third parties as a result of the materialization of those risks and dangers. The Hirer also undertakes to advise all passengers of the risks and dangers associated with the use and operation of the vessel prior to boarding. The hirer acknowledges & understands all safety material and briefings that have been presented.

The hirer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this rental agreement and have made themselves familiar with both the location and content of the safety management plan and understand this. The hirer is responsible for all occupants complying with all conditions. If they have presented their credit card for payment, all amounts payable under the agreement and for any road or water violations may be billed to the credit card voucher.
Confirmation and sighting of the hirer’s identification will be required.


Navigating at night takes special care. It is essential that you can see other boats and they can see you, remember it is difficult to judge distances at night, not all navigational hazards will have light indicating their position; and background light from the shore can cause confusion, so always slow down and keep a constant look out. These night time conditions are in conjunction with the standard Boab hire conditions; the vessel is not permitted to be used for night time operation unless the following conditions are met:

  • The hirer must have previously hired and driven a boab vessel on the waterway that the night use is intended for and have completed a minimum of 3hrs of operation on a similar vessel at night, and can produce evidence to this effect or alternatively must have completed a boab night time operation briefing which outlines some of the waterways potential hazards.
  • The hirer must have held a recognized boat license (except in the NT) for a minimum of 3 years.
  • The hirer must log on/off with the appropriate marine rescue
  • Navigation lights must be used, including the all round white light when at anchor
  • State PFD rules apply, It is recommended that personnel onboard the Vessel wear a PFD1
  • The hirer must sign this night time declaration before the hire is permitted to commence
  • Should the said vessel be used at night without meeting these conditions and signing this declaration, the hirer’s bond will not be refunded.

You will be required to sign a stat declaration for the above.

All New Years Eve bookings require a 2 day hire minimum. For further questions contact Head Office on 1300 00 2622.

  • The following deposit will be deducted from your nominated credit card within 48 hours of your initial booking.
  • $100/day for the Runabout and Kakadu
  • $200/day for Centre Cab, Sports Rider and Kimberley

You have now received your booking confirmation and your boat hire has been allocated, should you wish to make any changes to your booking the following conditions apply:

  • Single day hires cancelled by the customer within 24 hours of hire – full hire amount forfeited
  • Single day hires cancelled by the customer within 72 hours of hire – deposit forfeited
  • Single day hires cancelled by the customer with 72 hours or more notice and agreed to by the Boab location – deposit retained as credit for 3 months from date of original hire
  • Multiple day hires reduced/cancelled within 7 days of hire – deposit forfeited
  • Multiple day hires reduced/cancelled with 7 days or more notice and agreed to by the Boab location – deposit retained as credit for 3 months

If the franchisee deems to conditions to be unsafe and/or unsuitable for use your deposit will be retained as credit for 3 months from date of original booking. This may be transferred to another Boab location for $30.

  • Refunds may be offered in extenuating situations pending franchisee and head office approval.

The following bond will be deducted from your nominated credit card 24 hours before your hire.

  • $500* for the Runabout and Kakadu
  • $1000* for the Centre Cab, Sports Rider and Kimberley

Should you wish to pay cash for the Bond this will need to be pre arranged with the franchisee at the time of your booking. 

* Prices may vary when traveling to a remote location.

Boab Boats
Boab Boats

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