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We Have A Boat To Share!

    Have you ever considered buying a boat, only to second-guess how much you will actually use it? Those colder months can leave your boat gathering dust in the shed. The solution to this is boat share! We currently have an awesome 2016 Amara Centre Cab 6.0m, that will save you a lot of cash and she’s a beauty!

    2016 Amara Centre Cab 6.0m

    Owning a share of the 2016 Amara Centre cab means owning a share of luxury. This boat comes with first-year registration and insurance included, contract establishment fees waived and a share of hire income when your boat is out of use.
    Amara boats are quality made, built to the highest possible safety standards, enlisting the expertise of some of the best Naval Architects in Australia.


    – 200 HP Honda Motor with 3-year warranty
    – Hydraulic steering
    – 8 inch GPS combo unit
    – Fishing rod holders and cabin rod holders
    – Live bait tank
    – Fusion Bluetooth radio and speakers
    – Bait board
    – Garmin
    – Commercially surveyed vessel with safety equipment
    – Roomy cockpit
    – Easy to use centre console
    – Padded seats
    – wide walk around deck for safe passage


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    No Boat Licence? No Problem!

      No Boat Licence? No Problem!
      Haven’t had the time to sit your boat licensing course but are looking to hire a boat for the day? We have a few solutions for you to get you on the water. Check out our suggestions below…

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      1.Unlicensed boat available

      Our first solution is to check out our Runabout boat, this is our only boat that doesn’t require a boat licence in most locations! This vessel is perfect for cruising and small-scale fishing. It seats 4 adults and is $295 for a day hire including launch and delivery, all you have to do is hop on and off. This boat is ideal for cruising as it has a 40hp Honda motor and canapé for shade. It is available at a number of locations Australia wide including Hawkesbury, Port Stephens and Redcliffe. This boat is also available on the Gold Coast and Cassowary Coast but requires a boat licence at this location due to regulations.

      2.Skipper for the day

      If you’re looking for a day of fun with your friends and family but you don’t have a boat licence, you’re able to hire a boat with a driver (skipper) for the day. This way you can relax and put your feet up while someone drives for you. Drivers are perfect for our larger boat hires including our Centre Cab, Sportsrider, Kimberley or Pontoon. We offer drivers at a range of locations including Airlie Beach, Fremantle, Hawkesbury,

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      4 Ways To Spring Into Spring!


        1. Take a much-needed holiday!

        All those long months that dawdled on forever are finally over! This time of the year goes fast, blink and you’ll miss it! So, don’t waste another second indoors, pack up the car and go get some vitamin D! Going at this time of the year to places like the Gold Coast, save you a bit of that school holiday frustration of waiting in line at the theme parks! If not Queensland, maybe one of our sunny south coast locations might float your boat (pun intended), like Hervey Bay, Jervis Bay or Wollongong.

        1. Soak up the sun and salt on a boat or on the beach

        Either listen to tip 1# or if you are one of those lucky people who live on the coast, head down to your local beach! Nothing says spring (and soon to be summer) like smelling the frangipanis that frame beach shacks, and throwing a line in off the dock. If you prefer your fish to be caught out on the deep blue, then we could be of service to you! We know our favourite way to ring in the happy seasons is with a bevvy on a boat.

        1. Get physical in the great outdoors

        All over Australia, there are innumerable outdoor activities you can undertake; fishing, bike riding, hiking, bush walking, backyard cricket etc. We suggest ringing in the new season with a wander round some of the national parks Australia has to offer, such as the royal national park. The public beach Wattamolla located there is incredible, and you

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        Your Old Mans Big Day!


          You’ve been the apple of his eye since day one, he has taught you a lot of what you know, and he has always looked out for you. Did someone come to mind? Surely your old man!

          Father’s Day, this September 3rd is the one day of the year where you can show your dad you care without feeling sappy. This year we are offering special Father’s Day gift vouchers, specially designed for gift giving!

          There are so many unique ways to make your dad understand how you feel; maybe let him use your best lure, treat him to a counter lunch, bring him a sneaky beer before brekky…

          The list goes on! But one of our favourite ways is, of course, getting out on the boat for some quality family time. Maybe you want to surprise your husband to say thanks for handling those crazy kids with you! or maybe you kids want to say thanks for saying yes when mum said no. Either way if you’re feeling a bit too old for a Paper Mache present then now is the time to go big!


          Here is a little collection of our some of our favourite bad but good dad jokes!

           You’re Australian when you go into the bathroom, and you’re Australian when you come out, but do you know what you are while you’re in there? European.

          What is the fastest fish in the sea?
          The one that got away

           A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, “Sorry we don’t serve food here.”

          How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie

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          5 Ways To Shake Off Winter In The Sunshine Coast

            We spend our whole lives waiting for Summer, don’t we? The time when the sun shines bright and there are endless ways to amuse ourselves. Winter reminds us of nights in, runny noses and boredom, but in some places in Australia, you can hardly tell the difference between the seasons.

            This is your queue Mooloolaba! Rightfully named ‘the sunshine coast’ this is the place to go the chase an endless summer. As I write this to you it is currently a beautiful 28 degrees for citizens of this happy go lucky town.

            So, check out our list of 5 activities in Mooloolaba that will make you take off your Ugg boots, chuck on your swimmers and get a dose of Vitamin D.

            1. Nothing says summer days like a picnic surround by beautiful forest land, creeks, lagoons, glades and art. The Marooochy Botanic Garden is filled with walking trails and picnic benches that will invite a carefree summer (in winter) spirit.


            1. Learn to surf! Not only is this fun, but if you are like me & you haven’t seen a spot of exercise since summer, it’s a much-needed workout! Learn to surf in winter and you leave all your friends in awe when summer rolls round and you’re surfing like Kelly Slater.


            1. Hire a boat! Now we may be biased, but this is our favourite summer activity… Rain hail or shine boating is incredible, but for most of us there is nothing quite like fishing out on the clear blue, on a beautiful sunny day. Our team in Mooloolaba do a fantastic job and we know you will never regret a day
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            The 2017 Sydney International Boat Show


              The 2017 Sydney International Boat Show is done for the year and boy was it a show! This year we unfortunately did not have a space in the exhibition centre, but we will be back bigger and better than ever next year! We did, however, have our own special cyber space…But more on that later!

              If you went to the show this year you would have noticed a huge array of goods and services, from fishing equipment, huge multi-million-dollar boats, water sports equipment, diving tours and even the opportunity to rent a bed on a boat!  There were also many experienced fishermen and boat people alike giving master classes and telling their stories, one such lady was the famed Jessica Watson!  If you don’t know her she is an Australian sailor who was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for completing a southern hemisphere solo circumnavigation at the age of 16. Pretty impressive stuff!

              But now back to our part in the show!   We actually have a little spot on the web in a virtual marine boat expo . This was displayed at the show, and enabled people to scroll through and check out some of the boats that may not have been in the exhibition centre, from there you can just select a boat and it will take you to the company’s webpage!  Go have a look and see for yourself.

              This is the link! see our little orange beauty down on the dock… 

              The Sydney Boat Show was jam-packed with exciting new things that you will be seeing in the coming year, so keep your eye out for new innovation, and on our part potentially new franchises!

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              Teach Your Kids To Fish With These Easy Tips

                1.Find the perfect EASY location

                Kids grow bored easily, but nothing will get them hooked on fishing like catching their first fish. Pick somewhere with lots of fish, it doesn’t matter the size or breed, because a brim will feel like a 90-pound tuna fish to a first-time fisher! Make things fun and pick somewhere that has other activities to entertain them so they aren’t non-stop fishing all weekend. Try picking a spot near the beach or on a boat.

                 2.Bring snacks, hungry kids don’t make patient anglers

                If the fish aren’t nibbling the kids better be! A quick way to lose the kids interest is through hunger. Bring snacks and drinks that can sit in an esky with you by the water or out at sea!

                3. Safety First

                 If your kids are little and near the water it is essential they wear a life jacket. Especially if you have more than one child with you, it’s very easy to get distracted and that’s when accidents happen. Another possible safety measure you may want to take is debarbing their hooks. Depending on the age of the child you may want to remove the barbs from their hooks so they can put their own bait on more safely. To do this you can just pinch them down or there are some items on the market that hide the hooks in the bobber.

                P.S REMEMBER SUNSCREEN

                4.How to Grip

                 The best position to show the kids is keeping the rod in front of them in a 9 to 11 o’clock position.

                5. Make a game of practising

                We saw a great game idea that can help if you want

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                What Do Artificial Reefs Mean For Fish And Fishermen?

                  Artificial Reef

                  Fish and Fishermen alike are benefiting from the introduction of artificial reefs. Although are fish only benefiting in the short term? We are going to look at what these artificial reefs are, where they came from and whether they truly are as great as everyone is harping on. To look at where some of these man-made reefs are in Aus, I have left some links at the bottom!

                  What are they?

                  An artificial reef is a man-made structure used to promote sea life, stop coastal erosion, and create superior/safer surfing conditions. These reefs can be built out of repurposed objects such as oil rigs, ships, or tire mounds. They can also be developed specifically for the task, such as the 30 ten-tonne concrete reef built in Western Australia. These reefs have caused a divide between the scientific community and beyond, as debate continues as to whether there may be grave negative consequences for ocean ecosystems.


                  You may think these reefs are a new invention as they are saturating the news lately, however they are actually very old. Ancient Persians built an artificial reef in order to block the path of Indian Pirates, and evade their attack. Ancient Romans also built a reef in the Carthaginian harbour in Sicily to trap enemy ships within the harbour. In the 17th Century, Japan made reef of rubble and rock were used to grow kelp. Though these uses differ largely from their uses today, it can be seen that artificial reefs are a repurposed idea made or repurposed products.


                  Artificial reefs have many cited positives that mean they are constantly being constructed

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                  Congratulations to our Airlie Beach location!


                    We’ve got exciting news-  Our Airlie Beach location has received the coveted ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from TripAdvisor!

                    TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, with over 500 million reviews to date. To receive this award is a monumental achievement by our Airlie Beach location and one we would like to celebrate. An astounding 98% of all TripAdvisor reviews describing Boab Boats Airlie Beach as ‘Excellent’ and the resounding message was that Deb, Bob & Ryan go the extra mile for everyone. As well as this the team can be proud of their knowledge of their area and continually striving for perfection. The whole Airlie Beach Team, and Boab Boats Australia wide, are thrilled to have such happy customers and cannot thank you enough for your kind words.

                    To celebrate this occasion, we thought we would have a look at what our Airlie Beach customers believe are some of the best things about hiring with Boab Boats!


                    1. “we emailed Boab Boat Hire to see if they had any last-minute availability and they set us up with a boat, stinger suits, fishing rods, ice and bait. Nothing was too much trouble – seeing as we were without car, one of the staff even drove us to Woolies to buy our lunch.” – TripAdvisor review
                    2. “We hired a Sportsrider boat for the day. Perfect way to explore the islands, visit Whitehaven Beach and get to places that tour operators don’t visit” – TripAdvisor review
                    3. “They made our adventure so much fun and thought of everything. They really went the extra mile for us to ensure we thoroughly enjoyed our day. The boat was immaculate and so good to drive…They gave
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                    5 Bucket List Fishing Spots!

                      We all have those places we have always wanted to throw in a line… It is time we stop fantasising and pack up the bait box! We have compiled a list of some of our favourite fishing spots, and I’ll warn you now it is going to be hard to resist calling an emergency boys weekend right now. From all of these locations, you can also hire one of our Boab Boats! 

                      One of the most popular fishing spots in Australia would have to be Cairns, it is known for its range of Pacific game fish species that will be sure to entice any Aussie fisho. If you’ve had black marlin on your list of fish to catch, this is the place for you!
                      Do you dream of catching a fish that will put your mates in their place? If you do then there is no better place to come than beautiful Cairns. North Queensland boasts an array of Pacific game fish, such as Black Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Spanish Mackerel and Yellow Fin tuna. These fish are attracted to the reef and all the incredible (and tasty, they might add) marine life. The rivers are surrounded by mangroves, which make perfect hidey holes for barramundi. This is the perfect place to get a little variety in your fishing! Inshore, offshore- you’ve got it.
                      Kill two birds with one stone and make the whole family happy! Take one of our Cairns boats out and cruise the Great Barrier Reef with the kids, then kick the boat into gear and head out where the big fish are!

                      Hervey Bay

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