Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boab's 'area of use' and 'remote access area' policy?

Each franchise location does have it's own rules and guidelines with regards to where you can use the vessel. Restrictions may apply to the area of use and it is mandatory that you inform the franchise owner where you intend on taking the vessel. All vessels are tracked and breach of hire agreement may lead to further action. NOTE: A $30 daily 'remote access fee' may be charged. Remote access is generally areas only accessible by dirt or gravel roads over 100km away from the location base. Contact individual locations for remote areas.

What is Boab's bad weather policy?

Please read our Hire Conditions page thoroughly. If conditions are deemed not suitable, and after discussion with the franchise owner, the hire is usually postponed with your booking deposit (see payment section) credited towards the postponed hire.

What are Boab's hours of operation?

Situations can vary but generally, the following applies:

1 day hire: Earliest pickup is sunrise, standard drop off 4pm. 

2 days or more: Earliest pickup is sunrise on first day, standard return on last day of hire at 4pm. 

Extended Hours: You can pick the boat up early (before sunrise) for an extra $50 per hour or you can bring the boat back later (than 4pm) if pre-arranged the cost is also $50 

Note: Unless prior arrangements have been made, if vessels are returned after 4pm this will be charged out at $75 extra per hour.

Is there an on water safety briefing?

Yes. All first time hirers receive the following:

1. Paper work run through prior to taking the vessel.
2. On water safety briefing prior to taking the vessel. 

Note: the on water safety briefing is designed to be informative and to make the hirer comfortable with important aspects of the vessel and trailer.

Can I pickup the vessel the night before my hire?

Yes this is possible, but must be confirmed with the franchise owner first. 

Can I get the boat delivered to me?

Yes. Our franchise owners can tow the boat to your desired destination. To have the boat delivered to another ramp, an additional fee will be incurred (contact Boab franchise direct). 

For each of our designated ramps we have included the delivery cost into the final amount. To find out where each locations designated ramp is, please see our locations page and click on your desired franchise location. 

Can I hire a boat for half a day?

Company policy only permits full day bookings in advance. If you wish to hire for half a day, we request that you call us on the actual day and make an enquiry. If the boat is available, we will allow the half day hire. We do not take half day bookings in advance. 

Can I tow the vessel away?

You can tow all vessels unless you are unlicenced, this includes the Runabout. Maritime rules stipulate that an unlicenced hirer must remain in the designated franchise area, if they are hiring a boat without a boat licence and with the engine restrictor on.

Note: this does not apply in the Northern Territory

Your vessel must be capable of towing the vessel and this must be arranged prior to the pick up date. The following is the towing capacities for each vessel. Your car must have this or higher:

Centre Cab:    2500kg

Sports Rider:   2000kg

Kimberley:      1500kg

Runabout:       1200kg 

Tinny:             750kg

How do I make a booking?

Please call our national booking hotline on 1300 00 2622 or you can call all locations direct (numbers found on 'locations' page). Your booking will be taken over the phone. Please familiarise yourself with our locations, vessels and hire conditions prior to calling.

Alternatively, make a booking enquiry through our website and your request will be checked for availability and promptly replied to via email. 

Do I need a fishing licence?

If you are hiring a Boab vessel to go fishing both inshore and offshore a fishing licence is compulsary in the following states:

WA: obtained from Fisheries Dept and Post Office (Mon to Fri 9-5) or online
NSW: obtained from your local petrol stations, tackle stores and sports stores
VIC: obtained from your local petrol stations, tackle stores and sports stores

Unfortunately if you do not have a fishing licence on you you can be fined up to and over $100 and your catch will be released back.

I am bringing the kids, what about life jackets?

Life jackets for children will be provided upon request. Please inform us at the time of booking.

Can I get additional equipment?

Some locations do stock leisure equipment, please enquire upon booking or with the franchise owner.

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